Site Update 8.3.18

Aug 02, 2018

and more

Hello and I'm back again for another site update. This one's more like a devastating news (clickbait lol) than the previous ones I've ever been written.

My domain got expired

Two weeks ago, Namecheap, the site where I registered my domain, sent me a renewal notice. I didn't have enough funds to renew it as the debit card I used recently implemented a new system of adding funds which made me frustrated at all since it was days before it will be expired. I tried contacting them to fix this situation in my account until now. Unfortunately, the domain eventually expired. Thus, my email and my sites are affected in this problem. So for now, will be reverted to its original domain:

State of Personal Projects

Since I got into freelance (and eventually became a part-time employee at my company I am working with) my time in contributing to my projects were severely affected because of it and I have to stop the developments on it. Rest assured they will not be discontinued unless a featured or a project similar to the one's I'm developing are far more robust and satisfied to my needs.

New development machine!

An ugly photo of my Mi Notebook Pro xD A month earlier, I was planning to buy a new laptop for my school and work but because of freelancing I have been able it with my own money. My new laptop was the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro and I have been eyeing for this beast for a while before I bought it and it was definitely worth it. I am planning to do a review some time in the future. Fun fact: I almost bought the outdated-yet-labeled-as-updated Macbook Air but because of the ugly screen and no huge improvements at all, I scrapped it.

Site Migration

Within a couple of weeks, I am planning to migrate my portfolio and blog to Gatsby after a few weeks of experience using this on a project in my work. The migration was supposed to happen last April (in a different setup before Gatsby) but due to the ever growing work and at the same time erroneous trials the plan was delayed. But now it is really happening. YES! So there are a lot of news to be seeing here after a few months of inactivity in this blog. Thanking you for reading in this pretty much pointless blog post. Stay tuned for more in the future if you want.

About the Author

I'm an 18-year old part-time freelance web developer from Davao City, Philippines. I also do graphic design and drawing during my free time. Currently studying ICT at Malayan Colleges Mindanao.