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Aug 02, 2018

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In the modern era, the way society turns events has become more and more powerful in just one click. What takes years to have a revolution back then can now be done again in just a few hours due to the new forms of media, such as the internet. It may be a good thing but behind it holds the destructive and negative effects. Scary, and destructive for it might misinform people, leading to a crisis, that may also lead into something much worse: dividing the nation that once has been peaceful. That's why, knowing how to utilize media properly and responsibly is one of the keys in order for you to know the real story behind something, without damaging your whole being as a citizen of the country.


When we hear the word “literacy," we always connect it to having the knowledge to write and speak fluently, but it isn't just about that. Being a media and information literate is more than just feeding ourselves with information. As we all know, media has greatly influenced our lives and by having the skill of knowing how to properly utilize it, we could actually develop our personalities and morals as an individual. Media and Information Literacy also helps us develop our critical thinking skills, particularly in distinguishing the truth from lies. It also deepens your knowledge and awareness about everything around you and allows us to be open to other people. Today, being a literate in Media and Information plays a huge role to our society. By using them properly, we could help spread awareness to others, as well as teach the younger generation in knowing how to use and identify the information they find on the internet, whether it's true or not. We must strive to find the truth for the betterment of, not just for ourselves, but also our country.


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