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Jan 16, 2018


This post was written ten days before the new year. It was only published today due to time constraints.

Ten days before the year ends. Ten. Fucking. Days. And it was a dramatic year for me conpared to those previous years. But when it comes to my programming hobby, a lot of things have changed and I just wanted to show you the wonder achievements I made this year.


Crystal, a blazing fast static language whose syntax was inspired from Ruby's, has improved a lot and I decided to invest my time to program in the said language due to it's speed, syntax, and a growing ecosystem. I was interested in looking some of the problems with it's tooling specially Shards which is a dependency manager. The lack of seamless adding of dependencies has led me to launch my first ever open source project, Sharn. It gained a bit of attention in Reddit and Github repo and the users liked it. The project aleo gives a peek to the community what would it be if this feature would be implemented into Shards. Right now, the development has been stalled but on it's way to be a stable tool soon.


Last summer, the same month I dived into Crystal, is when I properly learned on how to use JavaScript. Back in my previous years I never really gave attention to JavaScript since it is not kind of a big deal for me (just a HTML-CSS guy, not a full stack front-end guy) and also relied heavily in Stack Overflow. I felt this year would be a great time to learn JS with it's libraries dominating the Github chart and creating an app written in Node makes more sense to me now. I never really thought it would be very easy and with ES6 I've gotten to love the language more. I should have learned this at the first place. Right now I'm currently using JS particularly in Node to build SPA's using Vue.js and practicing to use HapiJS. I also launched a public API using json-server and

In the future

This 2018, when a proper library/tools arrives, I hope I can explore and try with emerging technologies such as WebAssembly and WebVR. They are being slowly adopted into all major browsers and makes me think of the future of the web as more interesting than ever despite the growing complexity in it. I, as a novice web developer, will be making serious projects next year and launch websites that may seem interesting or weird. To be honest though, I wanna have the year not just to be more productive than ever but also to have some real earnings from things that's why. 2017 may not be the year to stand out but it is the time to hone and expand my knowledge more about web dev more than just the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

About the Author

I'm an 18-year old part-time freelance web developer from Davao City, Philippines. I also do graphic design and drawing during my free time. Currently studying ICT at Malayan Colleges Mindanao.